milano furniture fair 2016 flexform mood

The 2016 collection features all coordinated in shades of sand and off white. Each area is marked by a colour spot, like green water for the small room and large sectional. The lacquer red and the orange colors for the central area with sofas. Finally the ocher yellow for the third living area. The sleeping area is only in natural colors and taupe.

milano furniture fair 2015 flexform mood

The collection is enriched each year with new elements. In the sleeping area, for example, there is the new bed model has been awarded by Wallpaper magazine as the best. Around teh bed the new additions like free standing mirror, bedside table and a small desk. In the living area a new sofa with armchairs.

milano furniture fair 2014 flexform mood

An important collection made of strong pieces, with strong shapes. The new little sofa creayed by the evolution of the armachiar of the same series. The important table with metal base. Structure rests on the round marble top. The play of colours creates contrast between red lacquer and powder light blue.

milano furniture fair 2013 flexform mood

New 2013 collection mood is enhanced with new stylish elements. The wooden base table and leather top with matching chairs. A new family of small sofas and comfortable chairs with a retro taste. A new large sectional sofa and new bed with important headboard: A scenery presented in water tones, clear and powder blue and green.

milano furniture fair 2012 flexform mood

Solid but gentle at the same time, the armchair with is curving concave padded backrest. Elegant and memorable, the little desk in wood and leather, and the small tables embellishing the new pouf. Closing the round of new entries, small table in metal and marble with rounded surfaces with three legs.

milano furniture fair 2011 flexform mood

The new table with its wooden base and marble top. The same family of products also includes the generously large bed with padded headrest, the free-standing mirror and bedside table, all with the same wood profiling.

milano furniture fair 2010 flexform mood

Mood is the expression of taste that plays with the forms of memory and with a palette of warm colours, punctuated here and there by accents of colours like blue-grey, sage and pine green. A style that emphasises the elegance and nobility of the materials, and is never redundant.

milano furniture fair 2009 flexform mood

Mood takes its inspiration from the beautiful furnishings produced in Europe during the last century, reinterpreted to update the image of sofas, armchairs, tables, beds, lamps, which now furnishing public and private spaces all over the world, from a penthouse in Singapore to the halls of hotels in Hamburg or Phuket.

milano furniture fair 2008 flexform mood

The flavor of the entire Mood collection shifts between Retro and Deco, removing the embellishments and stylistic redundancy through careful deployment of an aesthetic of subtraction. The MOOD pieces allude to atmospheres of period buildings, inhabited by the leading European and American families of the 20th century. Places with large rooms, grand staircases, high ceilings.

milano furniture fair 2007 flexform mood

The Flexform MOOD collection keeps faith with that classic-contemporary spirit that has set it apart since its debut in 2007. Flexform/Mood presents a world with affinities to that of FLEXFORM in terms of quality and elegance, but with more eclectic stylistic research, capable of inserting codes from the past and translating them in a contemporary way through a process of subtraction and simplification.