Himba pouf Baxter

2022 / baxter / outdoor

Design as a game and reflection is at the heart of the idea of wellbeing that Baxter infuses into each of its objects. This personality, both playful and creative, is what characterises the Himba collection. Accessories designed to colonise the outdoors, with their sandblasted natural iroko wood and oil finishes that increase their resistance, are perfect for rewriting the profile of a garden, patio or poolside, even during the cold seasons. For indoor environments, on the other hand, sandblasted solid ash stained black, with its diverse, vibrant veins and richly spiritual strength, defines the silhouette of sofas, armchairs, tables and coffee tables. “For Baxter, I came up with pieces with a organic, sculptural slant,” explains Roberto Lazzeroni, who designed them. By keeping us company, they also become witnesses of our free time, of the moments we spend with our family and friends, and they are charged with the passage of physical time which, as it moves on, enhances their qualities and “camouflages them with plants, until they become reassuring presences”.



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